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It must now be well over thirty years ago when on a Thursday evening Kevin Dickinson and myself found ourselves at the two main ponds at Wild Boar Farm. According to Kevin the ponds hadn’t been fished for years and off we wandered to tempt the farmer with promises of cash.

The promised cash was to paid on the Saturday morning and so very early that morning with the promise of virgin waters in mind, Bob Wilby joined me in trying to determine exactly what we were paying the rent for.

The lure of Littledale Hall Fishery began for me in 2006 when, as a late entrant to the sport, I landed my first 5lb Mirror Carp on a warm August morning. I caught the magnificent beast on a small worm fished over a bed of trout pellets and still have a picture to remind me of the historic day. I have visited the fishery many times since then and in return it has provided me six of my personal best fish.

The making of Franks - By Mike Japp. (part i)

The image below shows us Franks as it is today, but, it was not always like this......................