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Did you attend this year’s AGM? If you did, how could the chairman name and shame me like he did? To think I very nearly taught him all he knows about fishing (that’s not much I hear you say). I mean all those years ago this little blonde curly haired lad would visit me whilst I was fishing a very small pond in a field just yards away from where he lived (today that would make headlines in the newspapers). Now the chairman of the club, he reminds me (and all the others present in the room) that I am overdue in writing an article for the newsletter. Two years ago I was made the clubman of the Year which came as a great surprise.

One wouldn’t imagine what a haven our garden has become for birds, particularly being so close to Norcross.

Last year we were privileged during February to have several pre-dusk visits from a Long Eared Owl. Both last year and again this year we have had several sightings of a Great Spotted Woodpecker working its way around and upwards on the sycamores. The highlight for me this autumn was a brief visit of a cock Jay – I have never before seen one before on the Fylde coast. A shy and cruel member of the Crow family, yet so handsome, I could have watched him all day.

I recently came across an old account book which went back to 1952 and the Society’s first generation.

Now, I would probably count myself as second or third generation following in the footsteps of Ted Greenham as Secretary and then Les Hitchen as Chairman and its within that time frame that I now write.

I suppose what I brought to the Society was a new face with new ideas and plenty of enthusiasm. During that time we acquired more fisheries, extended and updated the competitions for both freshwater and sea, acquired “Lucky Dip” for the sea anglers, made excellent contacts with the Water Authority and other organisations, rejuvenated the newsletter with contributions from Dick Walker, Fred Buller, Neville Fickling etc. and of course “The Poison Quill” – was his or her identity ever sussed?

I had planned to fish in the match at Frank’s Pool on Sunday 10th May 2009, but unfortunately overslept following two late nights and did not make it. It’s funny how the age thing affects one’s staying power. I could once go to bed at midnight and be up by seven, but not any more.

As the day was to be a ‘fishing day’, I had to rethink quickly and given that many commercial fisheries are heaving at week-ends, I settled on Wild Boar Farm Pool or WBFP as I call it.

I set off at 10am and after a steady drive landed just before 11.00.

The week in brief summary.

Weights, funny moments, Night vision goggles, Jeff the Banker, Pike, Simon stealing Phil’s badge, Dragonfly, snake, monster rats and fighter jets plus a few good fish. ( Oh, and garlic gobs)

The journey down began on a sour note with Marc and Bill finding themselves stuck in a supposedly 10-minute set of roadworks for the best part of 3 hours, consequently missing the ferry crossing at 5am from Dover. The mood was soon lifted, with the group settling down to a hearty English breakfast on the ferry except Phil, whom had succumbed to tiredness and fallen asleep.